Homeowner Association Attorneys

1. Interpret, enforce, amend and restate CC&Rs and Bylaws.
2. Prepare contracts for construction, maintenance, employment and property management.
3. Advise on employment and independent contractor issues.
4. Collect delinquent association assessments.
5. Represent associations and property owners in construction defect claims.
6. Represent associations and property owners in mediations, arbitrations and litigation.
7. Provide advice to boards transitioning from developer control.
8. Prepare enforceable rules.
9. Offer free HOA legal seminars.
10. Represent homeowner associations and property owners regarding insurance claims for earthquake damage, fires, earth slides, mold, personal injuries, etc.
11. Provide general legal advice for the purpose of limiting liability, avoiding costly mistakes, and improving the overall quality of life for the members of our association clients.

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