Bankruptcy Document Checklist

Please provide copies (not originals) of the following documents. Do not send originals as they will not be returned to you.

If you do not have some of the documents set forth below, please request them. If you are unable to obtain them, please let us know. If an item does not apply to you, please let us know.

If possible, please organize the documents according to the numbers set forth below:

  1. All bills and collection letters for credit cards, student loans, installment loans, vehicle loans/leases, real estate loans and other debts for the month prior to filing.

  2. All statements for securities accounts and mutual funds for the last month prior to filing. It may be necessary to print these from on-line sources.

  3. All statements for the last seven months prior to filing for every checking, savings or other deposit account. Please explain the source of every deposit on a separate sheet of paper.

  4. All pay stubs or records showing the gross and net amounts of income received during the past seven months from all sources plus a breakdown of any business related expenses incurred during the same period.

  5. All vehicle registrations and boat registrations.

  6. The most recent bills for all utilities including telephones.

  7. For any real property including time shares, a copy of the recorded deed showing how you hold title. This includes properties located outside the United States.

  8. Life insurance policies or retirement accounts including IRA, 401k, 403b, pension, etc.

  9. Tax returns for the last three years. If filing a Chapter 13, tax returns will be required for four years. Include tax returns for any entity in which you have an interest.

  10. Your drivers license and social security card.

  11. If available, documentation supporting the valuation of any assets worth over $1,000. This would typically include jewelry, vehicles, and real estate.

  12. If you have a living trust, a copy of the trust documents.

  13. If divorced or separated, copies of any settlement agreements, court orders, and judgments.


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