Civil Recovery Demand Letters

Recover Shoplifting Losses

Deter Shoplifting Crimes and Vandalism

Our civil recovery attorneys will convey a written demand for compensation on behalf of a store owner that has been victimized by a shoplifter whether the theft was perpetrated by an adult or minor. We will also handle the administrative aspects of collecting the funds including accounting and disbursements. We provide this service on a contingency basis in an effort to help merchants recover losses from both outside and internal theft. You owe us nothing unless we recover funds. We understand that losses from theft are passed on to consumers in higher prices and that such activity is a drain on the economic well being of society. We also understand the importance of deterring criminal activity such as shoplifting.

The process is simple. A merchant simply signs a written agreement authorizing our firm to represent them in those cases where an arrest has been made for shoplifting in their store. We handle the matter from that point forward.




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