Drafting Reviewing Negotiating


The law firm of Michael T. Chulak & Associates is available to draft most types of contracts, or we can review a form of contract proposed by another party and assist you in negotiating with that party. Call us to discuss any of your contract needs.

Following is a list of common provisions found in contracts. It is only a partial list:

Accounting Inspection of Records
Amendments Insurance
Anti-disparagement Integration
Anti-raiding Limits of Authority
Arbitration Limits of Damages
Assignments Liquidated Damages
Attorneys Fees Mediation
Audits Non-compete
Authority Non-solicitation
Bonds Non-waiver
Choice of Law Notices
Commissions Obligations
Conditions Payment Terms
Confidentiality Penalties
Consequential Damages Recitals
Consideration Records
Counterparts Relationship
Default or Breach Representations
Definitions Severability
Disclaimers Statute of Limitations
Disputes Subleasing
Emergencies Taxes
Force Majeure Termination
Form of Payment Time of Performance
Headings and Construction Training
Hold Harmless Venue
Incentives Waiver of Jury Trial
Indemnification Warranties




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