Disadvantages of Retaining a

Sole Practitioner Attorney


When a person makes the decision to retain an attorney, he or she can retain a sole practitioner or a law firm consisting of two or more attorneys.

There are significant advantages to hiring a firm and many disadvantages to hiring a sole practitioner.

In nearly every instance, a team of professionals will produce a better result than a single individual.

Law is complex and no one attorney can possibly develop a high degree of expertise in every legal subject.

The fact is that most legal matters involve several areas of the law, and the ability of an attorney to consult with his or her colleagues is critically important and necessary if the attorney is committed to excellence.

For example, while our law firm is a full service law firm, we focus much of our practice on homeowner association law.

When advising homeowner associations, as well as individual members of an association, the following areas of law are routinely involved:

  • HOA Law - The Davis-Stirling Act

  • Construction Law

  • Construction Defect Law

  • Employment Law

  • Independent Contractor Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Contract Law

  • Real Estate Law

  • Corporate Law

  • Collection and Bankruptcy Law

  • Foreclosure Law

  • Americans with Disability Act

  • Nuisance Law

Before your hire a sole practitioner attorney for any matter that can lead to litigation, ask him or her, and yourself, the following questions and see if you are satisfied with the answers:

  • Do you have the staff to handle the work that can be generated by a large aggressive law firm hired by the opposing party?

  • Do you have the financial staying power to litigate a case for two years if necessary? Three years?

  • Can the attorneys hired by the opposing party bury you with work to the point that you will want to settle the case prematurely?

  • Will the opposing law firm perceive you as someone that can be crushed because you donít have the financial resources to take a case to trial?

  • What is your backup plan if you get sick or are injured and cannot work?

We have a team of experienced litigation attorneys which means if your case goes to trial, we can see it through to a verdict. Not all attorneys are trial attorneys. Call us when you canít afford a mistake. Initial consultations are available at no cost.


Understanding Both Sides of Disputes

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants and find that understanding both sides of a case is a strength and major advantage. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Call us for a free consultation about any legal matter.




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