Divorce Document Checklist


You will not need to bring copies of the following documents with you to your initial free consultation with a family law attorney. However, those items that you have will need to be provided to your attorney at some point. Therefore, you should begin the process of gathering the documents together and placing them in a highly secure location (away from your spouse) until copies can be delivered to your family law attorney.

Please place the following letter code on the line corresponding to each item on the checklist:

a) Document(s) is included with checklist
b) Document(s) will be provided when located
c) Document(s) exist but spouse has it
d) Document(s) does not exist
e) I donít know if document(s) exists


Divorce Document Checklist

_________ Appraisals for any real estate owned together or separately.
_________ Automobile insurance policies.
_________ Business federal and state income tax returns for the last three years.
_________ Checking, savings, money market accounts, medical savings accounts, CD's, brokerage, and any other type of asset account statements.
_________ Consumer loan applications, if any.
_________ Credit card statements.
_________ Divorce decrees and court orders from any previous marriages.
_________ Employment contracts.
_________ Evidence of any personal debts owed to anyone, including family members.
_________ Health insurance policies.
_________ Homeowners insurance policies.
_________ Individual federal and state income tax returns for the last three years.
_________ Inventory of personal property, including home furnishings, jewelry, artwork, computers, home office equipment, clothing, furs, etc. If there are particularly valuable or unique items you will want to photograph and inventory them, and perhaps obtain an appraisal.
_________ Life insurance policies.
_________ List of contents of safety deposit boxes.
_________ List of real estate and significant assets owned by each spouse prior to marriage.
_________ Loan documents including any loan applications.
_________ Marital settlement agreements from prior marriages.
_________ Mortgage statements for all properties owned together or separately.
_________ Other bills.
_________ Pension plan and 401K statements.
_________ Personal property appraisals.
_________ Photographs of family, children, your home, furniture, or valuable collections to the extent that you believe the photos will help you explain your family and financial status.
_________ Prenuptial agreements or post-marital agreements.
_________ Proof of your spouse's current income (W-2 forms, 1099 forms, K-1 forms, 3 most recent pay-stubs).
_________ Proof of your current income (W-2 forms, 1099 forms, K-1 forms, 3 most recent pay-stubs).
_________ Property tax bills.
_________ Real estate deeds for each property you or your spouse own, or any properties owned by an entity in which you or your spouse has an interest.
_________ Retirement account statements.
_________ Stock options, vesting schedules, and account statements.
_________ Stock portfolios, LLC's, and any other investments.
_________ Utility bills.
_________ Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and any other estate planning documents.
_________ Other: _____________________________________
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