Five Reasons Why You Don't Need a Living Trust and Will

  1. You dislike your children and want them never to talk to each other again after dealing with the probate of your estate.

  2. You hate your spouse and want him or her to suffer the agonizing process of probate.

  3. Your family doesn't need the money so probate fees and taxes are no object.

  4. You prefer to have your minor children experience foster care while the court decides what relative will receive custody.

  5. You have absolute knowledge that you will live forever.

Obviously, we are being dramatic in making our point. However, the point is critically important. Some people die unexpectedly and their families suffer.

Ask yourself this question - Will your loved ones remember how much you cared after you are gone?

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There are approximately 315,000,000 people in the United States. One hundred percent of us are going to die. Only a small fraction of the population knows when they will die. This is only one of the reasons estate planning is so important.


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