Unpaid Internships


Unpaid internships have become common in California, but are often illegal. Michael T. Chulak & Associates represents both plaintiffs and defendants in unpaid internship claims. In order for an unpaid internship to be legal, all of the following six criteria must be satisfied:

1. Even though the internship involves the operation of the business, it must be similar to training that would be offered in an educational environment;
2. The intern experience must be for the benefit of the intern, not the business;
3. The intern cannot displace a regular employee, and must work under the close supervisor of an employee;
4. The employer cannot derive any immediate advantage from the relationship, and its activities may be impeded;
5. The intern cannot be entitled to a job at the conclusion of the internship; and
6. Both the employer and intern must understand that the intern is not entitled to wages during the internship.

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